Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Barrio Nuevo(New Neighborhood)independent record label slash production company was started by noted producer/artist ceo charli-brown in april of 2008. Barrio nuevo, which is also the last name of charli-brown, serves in production to many international artists, including B-easy, and Liason.. Labelmates include Crooklyn of Lo correcto, and myself..artist/a&r, Beloved i. jedidiah, aka Zion antoni. As a person, and as an artist i see the label as force, a specific prescense in the music industry, in both mainstream and underground circles, that serves beyond the 1 dimension of music and entertainment. Barrio nuevo serves as a spiritual platform.. prophetic reasoning in troubled times, many life impacting messages among one entity. Realities of our world spoken in toungues of uncut truth. Barrio nuevo speaks a universal language to people of walks of life. Its a new neighborhood, fresh ground to the souls of all people, a new neighborhood to the music industry, a renaisance to the streets..a workshop, and learning center for the rich, the poor, and middle class, a melting pot for all cultures to fall on common ground, where understanding, music, poetry, culture, knowledge, wisdom..replaces our cultures infested with confusion, all forms of poverty and death. Barrio nuevo exposes the hearts of men, the realities we live in, and the solutions to preserve us, as a people. This is my essay, my position as a labelmate, antoni's corner. Barrio nuevo is a renaiscance..welcome the new neighborhood.

ALSO: The barrio nuevo blogspot will be updated as news, writings and projects are added.. ONelife People-


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